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World, meet our brew master – Jim. Joining us all the way from Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, this coffee-obsessed English major was first introduced to the brewing industry while he was working in film. After obtaining his brewing education from Olds College, Jim began home brewing. It was not long before his talent was noticed and he was joining the GP Brewing Co. team. When Jim is not drinking beer {or coffee} he can be found watching "the big Lebowski" or killin' it on his electric guitar. And ladies, he's fresh on the market — so if you like musicians, coffee or beer. Jim is your man.

We're not trying to brag or anything, but some have said that Jim is the next "Wayne Gretzky" of brewing.


50 Shades of Jim

What is your brewing philosophy?

Life's too short to drink sh*tty beer {or coffee}

What is your favorite GP Brewing Co. beer?

TK IPA, I'm a hops guy.

When you're not reaching for a TK IPA, your go to brew is:

Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.

What is your favorite part of the brew process?

Pulling the 1st pint off the tap.

What is the most important part of the brewing process?

Planning ahead.

What is the best music to brew to?

AC/DC or Led Zeppelin.

Draft, bottle or can?

Can all the way.

What beer have you not yet made that you want to?

Scottish Ale.


My beer inspiration comes from trial and error. All of my recipes are crafted in house, in the GP Brewing Co. lab. Some of recipes work and some don't!

One piece of advice for home brewers:

When in doubt, star san.


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