Gp brewing co. FAQ's

Production & Distribution

Why do we can our beer instead of bottle?

The short answer is we want to bring you the freshest, best tasting beer you have ever drank. Canning our beer protects it from light and air, two elements that will destroy the beers flavor profile. It is also more cost efficient than bottling, which means you're getting a premium beer without paying the premium price tag. Canned beer weighs less and requires less packaging, reducing our carbon footprint. Good for you, good for us, good for the environment! Other pros: cans are Portable, chill quicker and are easy to recycle!

How many cans can GP Brewing Co. produce in a day?

We can produce enough beer to fill 46,000 cans per day.

What kind of malt do you use?

Superior pilsner malt, chocolate malt, honey malt and munich malt.

Do you pasteurize?


Do you use preservatives?


Is your beer gluten free or vegan?

It is not gluten free but it is vegan.

Can I get your beer shipped to me?

Absolutely, we currently have direct distribution.

I want to sell your beer, who do I contact?

Our legendary director of sales will be happy to help you out with any wholesale inquiries.

GP Brewing Co
(780) 533-4677

Tours & Tasting Room

What are your hours?

Our tasting room is open Tuesday through Saturday 3:30 pm to 10pm. Public tours are offered on Saturdays at staggered time slots starting at 2:15.

Can we book a private tour?

Yes you can. Call the brewery directly at 780-533-HOPS(4677) or fill out our online booking form.

How much do tours cost?

Tours are $15 a head and include a souvenir glass and 6 oz beer sample.
For information on private tours please call the brewery at 780-533-HOPS (4677)

Can we book the tasting room for a private function?

Yes you can. Call the brewery directly at 780-533-HOPS (4677) or fill out our online booking form.

Are children allowed on tours or In the tasting room?

Children are NOT allowed on tours.

Are dogs allowed on tour or in the tasting room?

No they are not, please leave your furry friends at home!

Do you serve anything besides beer?

We do not. Our brews are so delicious you'll never need another beverage in your life again.

Do you serve food?

Currently, we are not licensed for food.

Community support & events

Can I get my own beer for an event?

GP Brewing Co. offers a variety of options for your event. Please fill out the event request form.

How can I get my event sponsored?

Community is a huge part of our business and we love to get involved whenever possible. We are constantly on the lookout for partners and groups that are aligned with our core values! All applications are carefully considered but due to the large volume we receive we are unable to grant everyone's requests. Please fill out the application form.

Be sure to be as detailed as possible to help with the application process.

I want to write an article about the brewery, where can I get some more information?

Please contact our marketing director via email :

Where can I get a copy of your logo?

You can download our logo package here.

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