The Brewing Process

we’ve put together a little graphic for you to
help understand the process behind all that
truly great beer our artisans produce
on a regular basis.

Industrial grain masher for brewing beer
Step 1


Mashing is the process of heating up a mixture of water and milled grain, typically malted grain, which rests at specific temperatures. This allows enzymes in the malt to break down the starch in the grain into sugars, typically maltose.

Industrial grain masher for brewing beer
Step 2


To ensure its sterility the wort is boiled, which then prevents a large amount of bacteria. During the boiling process the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus, called ‘hops’, are added. They add bitterness, flavour, and aroma compounds to the beer, and with the heat from boiling, they cause the wort proteins to decrease to a solid or semi-solid state and the pH level of the wort to fall.

Industrial grain masher for brewing beer
Step 3


Fermentation starts once the yeast is added to the cooled wort. At this point the product is now considered beer. During this stage the sugars won from the malt become metabolized into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The beer is fermented in a fermentation tank. Fermentation tanks can come in many different forms, ranging from enormous tanks that can resemble storage silos, to five-gallon glass carboys in a home-brewer’s closet.

Industrial grain masher for brewing beer
Step 4


Though not all beer is filtered, filtering the beer will stabilize the flavour while giving the beer its polished shine and brilliance.

There are many types of filters. Most will use a pre-made filtration media, such as sheets or candles, while others will use a fine powder, which once introduced into the beer will recirculate past the screens to form a filtration bed.

Industrial grain masher for brewing beer
Step 5


Packaging begins when the beer is finished. The beer is put into the containers so it can leave the brewery. Canning beer protects it from light and air, is more cost efficient than bottling, weighs less, requires less packaging, is more portable, and chills quicker than bottling.

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Our Process

We take the best of what microbreweries do and transform it to the next level of greatness.

We’re committed to Grande Prairie. For GP Brewing Co., that means prioritizing the use of sustainable resources via locally-sourced ingredients and a 100% Canadian-made processing system to produce the freshest, highest-quality beer you’ll ever drink.

Our automated brewing process is the first of it’s size in Canada. We choose to engage in a fully-automated whirlpool brewing system, through which we’re left with lesser product yield than traditional brewers, but a beer of the utmost quality with zero sedimentary residue. Everything from temperature control, to brewing, to mashing and canning are completely automated for optimal results and consistently delicious brews.

This commitment to quality extends through our processing practices. We run a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system throughout our brewery—from brewing, to canning and growler washing—to ensure our water is totally free of chemicals and contaminants. Additionally, our beer is fermented and conditioned in the same vessel, which further decreases the risk of any microscopic contamination.

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